Frequently Asked Questions

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(H2GIS) My workspace folder is large, how to reduce the size ?

Your query may produce large temporary tables. In order to resize your database file you can call the following SQL request:


How to increase the JVM memory size ?

To increase your JVM memory size, you must change the -Xmx memory value.

Below is an example to use OrbisGIS with 1024 mo.

If you are using the jar with all dependencies, run it with :

java -jar -Xmx1024m orbisgis_jar_name.jar

or modify the .sh file for Linux or the .bat for Windows :

java -Xmx1024M -jar orbisgis_jar_name.jar $*

There is missing windows or features when I start OrbisGIS

Some cached libraries may be in conflict. Launch safemode shortcut ( just one time in order to to clean the cached libraries and configurations. You will loose all downloaded plugins.

How to connect to PostGIS instead of default embedded database ?

In the workspace selection screen click on 'Customize your database'. In the JDBC URL type the following url:


SERVER_DOMAIN : IP adress or domain name of the database (ex: localhost)

PORT: Port number of database (default 5432)

DATABASE: database name

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