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A sample REST application written in Java (dropwizard, guice, jpa, hibernate, cors and more)
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This a sample REST application written in Java. It's purpose is to create a generic project that can be used as a starting point for a new project, but also for learning efforts (I am building an open game database at

  • built on Dropwizard version 0.7.0
  • dependency injection with Google Guice (no Spring dependencies!)
  • Hibernate / JPA 2.1 as database access framework
  • HSQLDB as database
  • read database configuration from Dropwizard yaml config file, persistence.xml is not used
  • "Session-per-HTTP-request" with Guice PersistentFilter
  • suport for cross-origin resource sharing
  • JPA entities with UUIDs as primary keys
  • Auditing/Version control of entities with hibernate envers
  • authentication with JSON Web Token via dropwizard-auth-jwt
  • Integration tests with rest-assured
  • a pattern for accessing and manipulation entities with HTTP REST calls (Resource => Service => DAO => entity)
  • a pattern for ServiceResult objects which contain ServiceErrorMessages (which can later be bound to web form fields in the client)

Feel free to suggest corrections, optimizations or extensions via pull requests!

A corresponding JavaScript client application (AngularJS) is available at

system architecture

road map / things to do

  • more complex entities
  • hypermedia / HATEOAS


  • Start the application with the class "ToDoApplication" with the parameters "server todo.yml".

  • List all tasks with:

      GET => http://localhost:8080/task
  • Add a new task with:

      POST => http://localhost:8080/task



    JSON-Body e.g. :

      {"name" : "task 1", "description" : "This is a description"}
  • Modify a task:

      PUT => http://localhost:8080/task/[id]



    JSON-Body e.g.:

      "id": "402880944687600101468760d9ea0000",
      "version": "0",
      "name": "task 1 with new name",
      "description": "This is an updated description",
      "finished": "false"
  • Remove a task:

      DELETE => http://localhost:8080/task/[id]
  • List all revision numbers of a task with:

      GET => http://localhost:8080/task/[id]/revisions
  • Show a single task with:

      GET => http://localhost:8080/task/[id]      
  • Show a special revision of a single task with:

      GET => http://localhost:8080/task/[id]/revisions/[revisionNumber]
  • Create JSON Web Token for authentication:

      POST => http://localhost:8080/jwt/login?username=[username]&password=[password]
      e.g. with user1/password1 or user2/password2
  • Check if your JSON Web Token is valid for authentication:

      GET => http://localhost:8080/jwt/test
      Authentication-Header: "Bearer [token]"

I recommend you use the great chrome extension Postman to make such HTTP calls!

Data model


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