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Discord Server Landing Page


There are never enough landing pages, huh?

Support and get design sources!

I'm creating these pages absolutely free of charge, and if you like them - consider supporting me on Patreon! You will also get a role on my discord server, as well as access to all the designs (and their sources) that I make.


The simplest way

We'll be fancy and use!

First, you'll need to open the pen and edit everything you need.

You might want to edit text inside the section tags, as well as footer

To change the images - simply change the urls to them in the css section of the editor, on top

$background is the main website background
$intro is the website's blueish section background
$image1 is the first image
$image2 is the second image

To add more sections you'll need to do the following:
  • Add it to the menu, by adding this code to the nav.topmenu
a(href="#your_section_name") Your Section
  • Duplicate section tag with all it's contents
  • Change section's ID by typing #your_section_name instead of what's in there currently
  • Change image class to image3
  • Add new image url to css tab of the editor like this
$image3: url('../img/image3.jpg')
  • Add new image class to css tab of the editor after the image2 like this
  background-image: $image3

Make sure your &.image3 is on the same indentation level as &.image2

To download final results
  • Click on the Export button on the bottom-right and select Export .zip
  • Don't forget to create the img folder and put all your images in it
  • Upload the index.html along with css and img folders to your server. Everything else is not needed

Simple way

Download the .ZIP archive, extract everything, get the files inside __build folder, edit and upload them to your host.

All the images should be modified inside styles.css

body - main website background
.header - website blueish intro section background
.image1 - first image
.image2 - second image

P.S. You can add more sections to the page, just duplicate one of the existion <section> tags, change its contents and give the image image3 class
Then put your image into the img folder and in the styles.css add this

section .image.image3 {
    background-image: url("../img/<your_image_name>"); }

Smart way


npm install --only=dev


bower install

Edit source files inside src folder. I'm using Pug for templates and Sass for styles. Don't know what those are? Google them! They're pretty neat ;)

index.pug contains all the html
styles.sass has all the styles

I extracted links to the images into variables on top of the .sass files, so you can easily change them in one place

$background is the main website background $intro is the website's blueish section background $image1 is the first image $image2 is the second image

After editing run (inside src folder)

pug views/index.pug --out ../__build


sass --no-cache --update css/styles.sass:../__build/css/styles.css 

Now you can upload all the files from __build to your server

Don't forget to put all the images into img folder inside __build before upload!

Why so much effort?

If you learn it once - you will be able to write html and css much-much faster. For example - to convert this page from a .Sketch design into the actual code - took me less than 2 hours from complete scratch and bootstrap

Licenses and yada-yada

Built with Bootstrap v4

All the images are property of Supergiant Games, creators of Transistor

Distributed under MIT


A simple and clean discord server landing page



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