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Automate XPath injection attacks to retrieve documents
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About XCat

XCat is a command line program that aides in the exploitation of blind XPath injection vulnerabilities. It can be used to retrieve the whole XML document being processed by a vulnerable XPath query, read arbitrary files on the hosts filesystem and utilize out of bound HTTP requests to make the server send data directly to xcat.

XCat is built to exploit boolean XPath injections (Where only one bit of data can be extracted in one request) and it requires you to manually identify the exploit first, this does not do that for you. Check out the docs at for more info.

Note: This requires Python 3.4 to run.

An example:

>> xcat --public-ip="localhost" http://localhost:80 title=Bible title "Book found" run retrieve
Injecting using SingleQuoteString
Detecting features...
Supported features: XPath 2, String to codepoints, External DOC function, Entity injection, Substring search speedup
Retrieving /*[1]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<lib test="1" attribute1="3">
            <!-- Comment -->
            <description another="attribute">The holy book</description>
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