console and studio DB create commands don't honor server.database.path setting v1.3.0 #1235

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8forty commented Dec 28, 2012

I've confirmed in Studio that I have a server.database.path set to a good directory when running But when I create a database (with studio or console "create database ..." command) it always appears in the orientdb-home/databases directory.

kadeng commented Nov 15, 2013

A short analysis of this problem, which I also noticed in 1.6.0 and 1.6.1-SNAPSHOT (as checked out today from 1.6.1-hotfix branch)

OServerConfiguration.getStoragePath(..) should honor the server.database.path setting. Instead, it returns null, which leads OBinaryNetworkProtocolAbstract.getDatabaseInstance(..) to set the default path (i.e. orientdb-home/databases).

lvca was assigned Nov 16, 2013


lvca commented Nov 16, 2013

Thanks for the bug tracking, I moved it in 1.6.1.

@lvca lvca added a commit that referenced this issue Nov 16, 2013

@lvca lvca Fixed issue #1235 78634ad

lvca closed this Nov 16, 2013

kadeng commented Nov 16, 2013

The fix works. At first It seemed not to, but that was due to a directory access rights issue.


lvca commented Nov 17, 2013


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