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OrionVM Control utilities

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ovm-ctl  -  OrionVM Command Line API Bindings

To run, you will require the following:

To install from the ready-to-install tarball:
	Copy the usr directory into your root directory:
		[user@host]$ cp -r usr /

	You can now use ovm-ctl:
		[user@host]$ ovm-ctl
	and access its man page:
		[user@host]$ man 1 ovm-ctl

To install from the git repository:
	Change directory into the "packages" directory.
	Run the "genpackage" script.
	If you do not wish to build the deb,
	you can edit the script and comment out
	the offending sections "Writing DEBIAN metadata" and "Making debian package".
	Once the script has run, you can change directory to the new version directory,
	and from there follow the instructions above for the tarball.

	Alternately, a fully manual install:
		- Move all the files to an install location of your choosing, such as /usr/share/ovm-ctl
		- Move "ovm-ctl" to a folder in your PATH, such as /usr/bin
		- Optionally, run "python > /usr/share/man/man1/ovm-ctl.1" to generate a man page.

Alternately, a debian package is avilable.

OrionVM offers full support for ovm-ctl on our debian-lenny and ubuntu-lucid images,
	and limited support for other debian and ubuntu versions.
CentOS is not supported at this time.

Debian package available here:

Ready-to-install tar.gz:
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