You're Back To the IRC! MartIrc is a NodeJS wrapper to connect to IRC using a browser supporting Websockets
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NodeJS wrapper to IRC using Websockets. It allows to connect to IRC using a browser supporting websockets. It's just a POC for now.

The elevator pitch

How you should be able to explain what is MartIRC to your boss, in 30 seconds.

For end users wanting to connect to IRC Who need an easy way to chat MartIRC is a web application that works out of the box in your browser unlike JAVA applets that requires the JAVA plugin or basic IRC clients that require installation and configuration our software will allow users to connect to IRC through their browser in one click. No third-party plugin needed, fully web based interface and a chat relying on a well known and opensource chat network: IRC.


Obviously you should first install node.JS. Really, this will help. Then you will need to install npm, the node package manager.


git clone git://
cd MartIrc
git submodule init
git submodule update

npm install coloured
npm install log

Running the server

node server.js

Connecting to the server with you browser

Open static/client.html in your browser. The application will try by default to connect to the node server on localhost:3000. You can send and receive (raw) messages. There is no channel management for the moment, just the server tab.

To join a channel :

join #channel

To change your nick :

nick mynewnick

To talk to a channel :

privmsg #channel My beautiful message

To talk in private :

privmsg targetNick Hi bro!


MartIrc has been inspired by the work of Abronte and Gf3, thanks to them!