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Example distro for openQA isotovideo

example distro for openQA. Just runs one simple test where you need to create the needles for.

To use this repository with openQA, clone this repo to /var/lib/openqa/tests/.

To use it standalone with isotovideo any other local path is fine.

When running tests based on the state in this repo the test is expected to fail as no needles are present. Creating the needles is by intention left to new users as a learning exercise by running the test distribution within openQA and using the openQA internal needle editor to create a new needle.


If you have questions, visit us on IRC in #opensuse-factory


This project lives in

Feel free to add issues in github or send pull requests.

Rules for commits

If this is too much hassle for you feel free to provide incomplete pull requests for consideration or create an issue with a code change proposal.

Local testing and CI environment

This repo is intended to be used with openQA as a learning example. The example was first featured in the workshop talk osc14: Ludwig Nussel, How to write openQA tests.

One can also use the same code for running standalone isotovideo. The workflow based on isotovideo is also used by the CI pipeline which serves as another example how one can integrate isotovideo into a CI pipeline, here based on the example of github actions.

Find the latest status from CI runs in

A basic CI pipeline is defined within .github/workflows/isotovideo.yml showing how isotovideo can be run against the tests. Note that this pipeline will succeed as long as isotovideo could successfully execute the complete test flow regardless of their individual results.

A more advanced example is shown in .github/workflows/isotovideo-check-all-test-modules.yml which defines a pipeline that will fail if any test module returns any other status than "ok", for example "failed".

Effectively the same workflow can be found in .github/workflows/isotovideo-action.yml, it only uses a more GitHub action specific syntax. This makes it easier to integrate into more complex workflows but it is less suitable for executing on your local machine.


This project is licensed under the GPL v2 license, see COPYING file for details.


distribution template for openqa tests




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