A universal re-programmable state-machine
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because 'tis the Origin of the Root... The Radicle is likewise called the seminal Root.

  • Vallemont, Curiosities of nature and art in husbandry and gardening (1707)

A LISP in the spirit of Black and other colors. Easily define and interact with shared and upgradable state machines.


Install stack. Then:

stack build

(You'll need libpq-dev/postgresql to build the server. See GettingStarted for more info.

How to run tests

stack test

How to run executables

Running scripts and a REPL are the same thing - some scripts (in particular rad/repl.rad) just define a REPL.

You should probably run the client against radicle.xyz for fuller functionality.

stack exec radicle-client -- --config rad/repl.rad


Radicle has a webpage, and a guide which contain a lot more information on radicle.