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Partnering Around Open Source

OSLabs is a nonprofit tech accelerator devoted to furthering high-impact open source software within a collaborative community of dedicated engineers and mentors. Our mission is to advance open source innovation, by supporting engineering leaders that are dedicated to building products that will benefit the software engineering community and the tech industry as a whole.

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Are you a software engineer who is motivated to have a lasting impact on the engineering community by building tools that will be used by future generations of developers?

Do you share our mission of driving creative technological advancements through open-source software?

If so, checkout our Contribution Guidelines, and join our dedicated and supportive engineering community today!


Would you like to experience the thrill of a hackathon as you engage in rapid and collaborative engineering for a chance of winning a prize? At OSLabs, we co-host hackathons with partner organizations that rely on open source for the success of their developer tools. Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first one to know about our upcoming hackathons!

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Partner with OSLabs

We are always open to partner with organizations that share our mission of accelerating open source innovation for a more transparent and collaborative technological world. We are eager to hear from industry experts and leaders about the challenges they face, how open source software can help overcome these challenges and how OSLabs contributions can be improved.

Financial Sponsorships

If our mission resonates with you and you would like to support the advancement of open source and give back to the developer community, you may consider making a financial contribution to OSLabs. You can make a donation or reach out to us for a more personalized donation, such as sponsoring an OSLabs Engineering Fellow.

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Popular repositories

  1. sapling sapling Public

    Sapling - A convenient way to traverse your React app in VS Code

    JavaScript 514 56

  2. Kafka-Sprout Kafka-Sprout Public

    🚀 Web GUI for Kafka Cluster Management

    Java 431 24

  3. GraphQuill GraphQuill Public

    Real-time GraphQL API Exploration in VS Code

    TypeScript 396 8

  4. protographql protographql Public

    ProtoGraphQL is a prototyping tool that empowers developers to build and visualize GraphQL schemas and queries without writing any code.

    JavaScript 360 39

  5. seeql seeql Public

    see your database in a new way

    TypeScript 344 23

  6. Realize Realize Public

    A React component tree visualizer

    JavaScript 331 21


Showing 10 of 731 repositories
  • Dockular Public
    oslabs-beta/Dockular’s past year of commit activity
    TypeScript 22 MIT 2 0 1 Updated Jun 20, 2024
  • Anelyth Public

    An automated, data-driven approach to identifying potential microservices.

    oslabs-beta/Anelyth’s past year of commit activity
    JavaScript 11 MIT 3 0 0 Updated Jun 17, 2024
  • Yodelay Public

    Your preferred gRPC endpoint testing tool. Making sure your outbound 🗣️ ‘yodelay’ returns the ‘IiiOoo’ 📣 that you expect

    oslabs-beta/Yodelay’s past year of commit activity
    TypeScript 228 MIT 15 1 2 Updated Jun 17, 2024
  • logkaptain Public

    A Kubernetes cluster log aggregator

    oslabs-beta/logkaptain’s past year of commit activity
    JavaScript 52 10 0 0 Updated Jun 17, 2024
  • ProtoPI Public
    oslabs-beta/ProtoPI’s past year of commit activity
    3 1 0 0 Updated Jun 15, 2024
  • Radish Public

    GUI for configuring Redis Clusters

    oslabs-beta/Radish’s past year of commit activity
    JavaScript 0 0 0 0 Updated Jun 15, 2024
  • armor-e-react Public

    front and backend auth library

    oslabs-beta/armor-e-react’s past year of commit activity
    MDX 0 0 0 0 Updated Jun 15, 2024
  • oslabs-beta/RabbitGCF’s past year of commit activity
    1 MIT 0 0 0 Updated Jun 15, 2024
  • oslabs-beta/flake-guard’s past year of commit activity
    TypeScript 3 0 0 1 Updated Jun 15, 2024
  • SkyScraper Public

    Visualizer Dashboard for AWS EC2 Instances

    oslabs-beta/SkyScraper’s past year of commit activity
    TypeScript 14 MIT 0 7 1 Updated Jun 14, 2024