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  1. web site
  2. OSM data with updater
    1. postgres data update based on osm2pgsql
    2. vector tiles update based on openmaptiles


Since 2020 runs on 64Gb RAM and 2x512 SSD server at and costs @Komzpa 40.80 EUR monthly. Hardware


Initialize project

  1. clone repo git clone
  2. init submodules git submodule update --init --recursive that initialize openmaptiles
  3. run - make sure that you have all required packages
  4. run updater/ - fetch and prepare data:
    1. download latest osm dump for belarus
    2. update postgis database with osm2pgsql
    3. generate mbtiles for Belarus 0-14 zoom levels
    4. generate overview mbtiles for planet 0-4 zoom levels
    5. unpack mbtiles to filesystem to allow serve it by nginx.
    6. download, patch and prepare vector tiles styles
    7. download and prepare vector tiles fonts
    8. download and prepare vector tiles data info
  5. check that .env contains good for your configuration
  6. run docker-compose up -d nginx run nginx and all required services locally.

Schema of work

  |         |              |
static---webapp       (tileserver)
            |              |
        ----------         |
        |        |         |
      redis   postgis   tiledata
                 |         |
                 |         |

NOTE: tileserver can be replaced with serving tile data as standard static data serving by nginx.

redis store only untranslated text keys.

postgis provide osm2pgsql schema and used for read only purpose.

See details in docker-compose.yml.

Schema of tiledata directory

  • belarus-latest.osm.pbf - osm dump
  • belarus.mbtiles - mbtiles generated for Belarus osm dump zooms 0-14
  • planet.mbtiles - mbtiles generated for planet overview zooms 0-4
  • belarus/ - vector tiles for Belarus osm dump zooms 0-14 unpacked from belarus.mbtiles
  • planet/ - vector tiles for planet overview zooms 0-4 unpacked from planet.mbtiles
  • data/ - vector tile data info
  • styles/ - styles for vector tiles rendering
  • fonts/ - fonts used by styles for vector tiles rendering

tiledata directory fully populated with updater/ script.

Most of this data server by nginx, see details in nginx/


Used bright style as default with next modifications:

  • removed water-pattern style layer.
  • added housenumer style layer for zooms 15+ (based on basic style housenumber layer) and expressions.

As part of the styles used appropriate fonts.

Generate and view vector tiles from scratch

mbtiles generation

See (slightly modified fork of

git clone
cd openmaptiles
python3 -m venv venv
. venv/bin/activate
pip install docker-compose
./ belarus

tileserver run


docker run --rm -it -v $(pwd)/data:/data -p 8081:80 maptiler/tileserver-gl