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Lists all of yours (or somebody elses) unresolved OpenStreetMap Notes
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My OpenStreetMap Notes

This will use Notes dump (updated daily) and show you only unresolved (not-closed) Notes for specified user(s).

This is currently needed (as of 2015-02-01) since your user page at OSM will only show all bugs (open and closed) mixed together sorted by date, so if you use the Notes a lot, you'll have to wade through dozens (or hundreds!) of pages so you can find Notes that are still open.

Code allows for searching bugs for multiple users at once (removing duplicates in the process: for example if bug was created by one user, and commented on by another) by using "s" CGI parameter multiple times (for example: myosmnotes.cgi?s=Matija+Nalis;s=mnalis+ALTernative;s=ksenija)

Our developer instance is currently offline, pending GDPR issues.

(OSM Notes were previously known as OSMBugs while hosted at 3rd party servers)

Installing: make sure you install libxml-sax-expatxs-perl package - pureperl is going to try to load everything in memory first and be extremly slow and resource hungry!

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