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OSM Editor Layer Index

Build Status

The goal of this project is to maintain a canonical representation of the layers available to OpenStreetMap editors such as:

Both imagery and other raster data that is useful for mapping are within scope of the project.

This list is purely targeted at OpenStreetMap and does not include layers only useful for other projects such as Open Historical Map if the layers are not also useful for OpenStreetMap. With the way this list is structured it is easy to combine it with additional layer sources simply by copying the additional sources into their own directory and running make.

Some sources in this list are usable in OpenStreetMap because permission was specifically given to use them with OpenStreetMap and this permission does not extend to other projects. See for information about which imagery licenses are compatible with this index.

See for info on how to contribute new sources to this index.

Using this index

If you are using iD, Potlatch 2, Vespucci or Go Map!!, you are already using this index!

For JOSM you can add to the preference key imagery.layers.sites in advanced preferences. You probably want to remove the entry or you'll get the same layers listed twice.

For any other usage, use

Layer Overview

An interactive list of all layers (with a live map preview for most of them) is available at