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OSM Deep History

A better way to view the history of objects in OpenStreetMap.

Example history views:

  • Node
  • Way (The map needs a few seconds to load)

It's an enhancement base on osmlab/osm-deep-history with below update:


  • Improve map UI and fix issues
  • When mouse hover on table cell, highlight corresponding version of object on map and pan to center
  • In table, show version which is invisible in red (removed)
  • Base map layer: OpenStreetMap and Mapbox Satellite Streets
  • Export full data of specific version in Level0L format


  • Show lat, lon in table
  • Show way(s) which the node belongs to


  • Show history versions of way on map


The source code has been rewritten mostly in ES6, using Promise and functional style.

To rebuild and run locally:

npm install
npm run build
npm start