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An Iceberg and Metacello repository to use Phabricator's Git service.
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An Iceberg and Metacello repository to use our Phabricator's Git service.


To load the project from GitHub you can execute the following expression:

Metacello new
	repository: 'github://osoco/iceberg-metacello-phabricator/src';
	baseline: 'IcebergMCPhabricator';

Once you have loaded this project in a Pharo image with Iceberg, a new phabricator prefix will be available to use with Iceberg and Metacello.

The repository parameter to load a project from the Phabricator's Git service takes this form:



  • {projectName}: Name of the project.
  • {version}: This parameter is optional (it will take master by default). It can be: the name of a branch, a tag like 'v1.2.0' or 'v1.x.x', or a the SHA of a commit
  • {subfolder}: This parameter is optional in case the code is at the root of the project. It should point to the subfolder containing the code.

Note that currently this repository is configured to use the internal OSOCO's repository.

In the future we will release a more generalized version of the project to be used with any Phabricator server.

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