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Oblog - Markdown to HTML

This is a simple Markdown + Twig => HTML + sitemap.xml script. It will read source markdown files from a directory, natural sort the files, pass them through Twig templates and write output into given directory.

The script will also generate a sitemap to sitemap.xml and atom feed to atom.xml.


See the example site in /example directory. Sample has two public posts and one draft. To generate posts run the following

php gen.php

Warning! All files with .html extension in output directory will be deleted

First line of the source markdown file has several magical properties:

  • it will be used as part of the html filename eg. "Laihduta regexillä" would be named "laihduta-regexilla.html".
  • if it contains +DRAFT+, the post won't be added to link list nor sitemap.xml and is given a slightly obfuscated filename which is only shown during HTML generation.

via Composer

    "require": {
        "ospii/oblog": "dev-master"