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DOM Invaders!

When done, it'll be at

Self-Imposed Challenge

Using JavaScript, approximate a Space Invaders "clone" while riding the morning train from San Jose to San Francisco for GDC.

Given the environment and time pressure it's even odds that I'll fail.

Caltrain's northbound morning "bullet" on Friday, March 9, 2012 runs just under an hour. I hope to find a decent seat with enough room for my legs and a laptop on the 8:03 → 9:02 bullet. Hopefully, my iPhone tethering will work well enough for me to periodically push updates to this repo as I travel north so that my progress can be tracked "live."

Mise en place

Things I'll have setup the night before my train ride: Some empty markup, bitmaps and at least one library.


This is mainly a personal challenge where I take a self-defined coding exercise and try to make it work in a short amount of time with the additional stress that Caltrain has to offer: Packed trains, intermittent wireless connections, mechanical noise, shaky cars, ticket checkers, announcements over the P.A. system, loud cellphone talkers, and... passenger body odor. I'll also announce when I start via a Tweet so that my followers may belittle me.

Things I already knew before starting: I wrote a really crappy version a long long time ago using YUI and then threw-away the code except for the .gif files, which I'll be re-using.

Also, the DOM sucks at this.


Yeah, I'll write about how I planned this project out, and "analyze" the outcome.