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MATLAB Code for Extracting Resistance/Inductance Matrices

license - BSD language - MATLAB category - power electronics status - maintained

This MATLAB code extracts the resistance/inductance matrix of a system:

  • Different operating points are provided (measured or simulated current excitations).
  • The associated losses/energies are provided (measured or simulated values).
  • The corresponding resistance/inductance matrix is extracted.

The following the quadratic form is linking the aforementionned variables:

  • U = 0.5*I_vec'*Q_mat*I_vec
  • I_vec is the vector containing the applied currents
  • Q_mat is the resistance/inductance matrix
  • U is the loss/energy value

This code is handling the following cases:

  • n_op is the number of provided operating points
  • n_var is the number of independent coefficients for the resistance/inductance matrix
  • n_op<n_var: under-determined equation system => invalid problem
  • n_op==n_var: determined equation system => linear equation system
  • n_op>n_var: over-determined equation system => least-square fit

The condition number of the equation system and the residuum are computed. This is required to ensure that the resistance/inductance matrix is numerically robust. Finally, the code checks that the extracted matrix is physical (symmetric and positive definite).


  • Tested with MATLAB R2021a.
  • No toolboxes are required.
  • Compatibility with GNU Octave not tested but probably easy to achieve.


Thomas Guillod - GitHub Profile


This project is licensed under the BSD License, see