Reusable iOS script for Travis CI with Slack, Testflight, HockeyApp support
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Travis iOS Script

Reusable iOS script for Travis CI with Testflight, Crittercism and HockeyApp support


  1. Travis CLI: sudo gem install travis
  2. xctool: brew install xctool

Getting started

  1. Submodule this repository: git submodule add

  2. Export Code Signing Identity certificates.

    1. Open up Keychain Access
    2. Make sure you are under Login -> My Certificates
    3. Right click on the certificate (Let's say your distribution cert.) -> Export -> choose .cer as file format -> save as dist.cer
    4. Expand the same certificate. You should see a private key entry. Export it like the previous step but choose .p12 as file format. Save as dist.p12. You will prompted for a password. Generate one and it will be your KEY_PASSWORD.
  3. Download your app's Provisioning Profile from Apple Developer Member Center.

  4. Execute the script, follow the instructions.

  5. Push. Sit back. Enjoy a ☕️.