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@darkfrog26 darkfrog26 released this
· 688 commits to master since this release
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  • Better ScreenState support
  • Proper Asynchronous and Non-Blocking Integration for HttpHandler and server implementations
  • Screen.register support to apply specific variable changes that set on activate and remove on deactivate
  • Better Server error logging (URL, request info, etc.)
  • Better support for Path instead of String where practical
  • Better RestfulHandler support for injection and multiple paths of data
  • Updated Communication to ignore non-public methods
  • Added Cookie support for SameSite
  • Created FormSupport for better UI form integration and functionality
  • Created Time.delay for cross-platform, asynchronous wait-state
  • History.anchor to support easier SPA integration
  • Updates and improvements to session functionality and configuration
  • Added init() and load() to ScreenManager for more consistent and page-specific state management
  • Better Error Handling support
  • Fixed bugs in Communication moving from proprietary format to JSON
  • Improvements to date header parsing
  • Added session support to HttpClient
  • Updated HttpClient to use an HttpClientConfig
  • Updated Server.init to return Future for better asynchronous startup functionality
  • Created basic Maintenance library to support application maintenance
  • Improved UI functionality to better support measured
  • Created HTMLTextInput
  • Better UI support for existing elements
  • Added proper binary support for WebSockets
  • Added session config support to forceSecure to work with proxied situations better
  • Added Modal trait for easier modal support in Bootstrap
  • Complete re-write of SessionManager to be simpler to implement, and more powerful to use