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app Release 0.9.0-M12 May 17, 2018
client/src Added ConnectionPool and stat collecting to HttpClient May 17, 2018
communication/shared/src/main/scala/io/youi/communication Complete and final removal of uPickle in favor of Circe (Resolves #38). Aug 8, 2017
core Re-enabled image change example and remove HTMLComponentExample Apr 27, 2018
dom Added support for easily adding ad-hoc CSS May 13, 2018
example Release 0.9.0-M12 May 17, 2018
hypertext/src/main/scala/io/youi Fixes to Selection defaults for adjustX and adjustY. Oct 27, 2017
macros/shared/src/main/scala/io/youi Created `macros` module for internal Macro functionality. Aug 23, 2017
optimizer/src/main/scala/io/youi/optimizer Much better integration of HTMLOptimizer and added support to Templat… Mar 29, 2017
project Re-writing of HttpClient to utilize OkHttp instead of Apache HttpAsyn… Apr 20, 2018
server/src Release 0.9.0-M11 May 9, 2018
serverUndertow/src/main Removal of `RequestContent` as it created more confusion than benefit. Apr 2, 2018
spatial/shared/src Updated UIScreen.drawable to be `Future[Drawable]` to allow asynchron… Oct 5, 2017
stream/src/main/scala/io/youi/stream Removal of `chain` in favor of new `dsl` package and filters. Mar 29, 2018
ui Added support for easily adding ad-hoc CSS May 13, 2018
utilities/src/main/scala/io/youi/util Re-write of GoogleFont to properly support Canvas and HTML loading wi… Apr 4, 2018
work/logo Better size measuring support and fixes to container Apr 26, 2018
.gitignore Updated Path.parse to handle encoded paths correctly. Sep 23, 2017
.jvmopts Added jvmopts to fix memory issues when compiling and testing. Mar 30, 2018
.travis.yml Continued work on DSL for server Mar 30, 2018 Create Sep 7, 2017 Create Sep 7, 2017
LICENSE Badges, License, and SBT build setup. Oct 15, 2016 Dependency updates, README update, and WIP update. Oct 23, 2017
build.sbt Release 0.9.0-M14 May 17, 2018
config.json Added simple Bootstrap template. Mar 8, 2018
login-example.html Added support for easily adding ad-hoc CSS May 13, 2018 Major updates to WIP with better hybrid support. Nov 5, 2017


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Next generation user interface and application development in Scala and Scala.js for web, mobile, and desktop.


There is heavy development going on toward 1.0, but YouI releases are stable and used in several production systems.


YouI is divided into modules of functionality to minimize the dependencies required for your specific usage:

  • app - unification of client and server to write complete applications (Scala and Scala.js)
  • canvas - User Interface implementation on HTML Canvas for greater power and flexibility than HTML provides
  • client - HTTP client for asynchronous request/response and restful support (Scala)
  • communication - communication framework to provide type-safe communication between a client / server (Scala and Scala.js)
  • core - core features generally useful for web and HTTP (Scala and Scala.js)
  • dom - features and functionality related to working with the browser's DOM (Scala.js)
  • example - example and test functionality for applications using youi
  • hypertext - extension functionality for working with HTML in a more powerful way
  • macros - internal macros for various internal uses
  • optimizer - HTML, JavaScript, and Image optimizations to reduce extra overhead from your application
  • server - base functionality for a web server (Scala)
  • server-undertow - implementation of server using Undertow (Scala)
  • spatial - Spatial and math related functionality for Matrix and other operations
  • stream - streaming functionality for on-the-fly processing and modification of any XML or HTML content (Scala)
  • utilities - internal utilities to support the infrastructure of youi

External Projects

Though this project has several sub-modules, where possible, external projects exist to add optional functionality.

  • youi-plugin - An SBT plugin to simplify setting up your youi project.
  • youi-template - Stand-alone server instance to help designers work with HTML templates locally and support integration for developers.
  • youi-designer - User interface designer tool to create, edit, import, export, and generate user interfaces for youi.
  • youi-example - An example project showing the basic usage of youi.


Though YouI provides many modules to accomplish many things, the primary goal of YouI is application development for web, mobile, and desktop. Take a look at the app module for a great getting started tutorial.


More examples are located in the example directory. Run them with sbt


then load http://localhost:8080/ui-examples.html or search with def path: for URLs.