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Meta data of games for the OUYA console.
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OUYA game data

Meta data of games for the OUYA console. Use them to populate your own "Discover" server.

Game .apk files are hosted on The OUYA library in the Internet Archive.

How to help

Add a new version

  1. Locate the JSON game data file in the classic folder

  2. Open it in a text editor

  3. Go to "releases" and duplicate the current release, then adjust it:

    1. Update name to the new version

    2. To get versionCode you need to have the Android SDK tool aapt or aapt2:

      $ aapt dump badging game.apk
      package: name='' versionCode='23' versionName='1.23'
    3. Create a random uuid with a web service or the uuid command line tool

    4. Set date to the time the version has been released

    5. latest must be true for the new version, and false for all others.

    6. url must be a HTTP URL, not HTTPS!

    7. size is the apk file size in bytes

    8. md5sum can be created with the md5sum command line tool.

  4. Check if everything is correct -> See "validating the game files"

    You can also create a patch/pull request; Github will run the checks automatically.

Add a new game/app

Copy example-game.json to the new/ folder and adjust it. You can get packageName from aapt as described above.

Note that all URLs have to be plain http, HTTPS is not supported!

Use a random uuid as developer UUID. Use 0 for the first 8 characters so we can distinguish original UUIDs from self-generated ones.

Games in demo mode

When you start a game, it should be unlocked (full version) automatically.

If a game is stuck in demo mode despite that you installed the ouya-plain-purchases module, this can have the following reasons:

  1. The game data file has no purchasable products (most often)
  2. The developer UUID is wrong. Fix it! (sometimes)
  3. The game does not fetch receipts from the server when starting up (seldom)
  4. We have no game data file for it (seldom)

Adding products

When there are no products in the game data file, we have to get them from the game itself.

  1. Add a new line DEBUG=1 in the file and reboot.
  2. Connect the OUYA to your PC and run adb logcat.
  3. Start the game and look at the logcat output

There will be lines like this:

D/HTTP    (  604): Request 33: GET /api/v1/developers/b8b9eb6d-.../products/?auth_token=...&only=overkill2_om_1%2Coverkill2_om_2

Everything after &only= are product IDs. %2C is an URL-encoded comma, so in the example we have two product IDs.

Now have a look at the example-game.json file and add new products to your game's data file (in the classic/ folder).

If you do not know what price the product had, use 0.01.

Validating the game files

We provide a JSON schema file: ouya-game.schema.json.



Self-hosted OUYA servers:

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