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Quickstart (1-click install)

  1. Download the latest stable release of Tutor, uncompress the file and place the tutor executable in your path. From the command line:
  1. Run tutor local quickstart
  2. You're done!

That's it?

Yes :) This is what happens when you run tutor local quickstart:

  1. You answer a few questions about the :ref:`configuration` of your Open edX platform.
  2. Configuration files are generated from templates.
  3. Docker images are downloaded.
  4. Docker containers are provisioned.
  5. A full, production-ready platform is run with docker-compose.

The whole procedure should require less than 10 minutes, on a server with a good bandwidth. Note that your host environment will not be affected in any way, since everything runs inside docker containers. Root access is not even necessary.

There's a lot more to Tutor than that! To understand what Tutor does and how it works, take a look at the :ref:`introduction <intro>`.

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