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Emergency reporting app.
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Auxilium is an open-source app for reporting emergencies. It informs nearby users that an emergency has occured in their vicinity, and provides them with the location (and directions), to keep them informed, and take neccessary actions.


In my country, many people die because of inability to access help quickly when they are involved in accidents or emergencies. I've always believed that many of these mortalities could have been averted, if people around would have come to their aid.

Project Phase

This project is currently in the pre-launch phase, being developed by Oluwakorede Fashokun and members of the Overt community for Overt, a concept that creates open-source software to solve many of the problems we face in the world. You can read more here, or follow Overt on Twitter here.

Project Ideas

I write most of my ideas for Auxilium here. You can share your feature requests with me by creating an issue or sending me an email. I really appreciate any ideas you may have.


This section will help you get Auxilium up and running in your development environment.


Before starting installing, the following are required:

  • Node.js (version 8 or higher).
  • Yarn (preferred package manager)
  • MongoDB (database for local development)


Note that reading the package-specific docs is crucial to get Auxilium up and running locally. You can check each of the packages in the packages folder for their respective READMEs.

To install Auxilium on your machine, run these commands:

# Clone the repository
git clone

# Move into the project directory
cd Auxilium

# Install dependencies

# SERVER-SIDE (Be sure to read the server docs)

# Start MongoDB (in a seperate terminal)

# Start the backend server (after including the necessary vars in the server's .env file)
cd packages/server
yarn dev


# Start the Expo app
cd packages/app
expo start


All forms of (positive) contribution is welcome to Auxilium. Be sure to check out the contribution guidelines before contributing.

Tech Stack

Auxilium is a JavaScript-based application. It is built with popular JS libraries/frameworks like React, React Native and Express. Here's what the stack looks like.

We also use Yarn Workspaces to manage the monorepo structure, and CircleCI for continuous integration/deployment (CI/CD).


GNU GPLv3 License


Oluwakorede Fashokun ( for Overt.

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