VirusTotal API Library for Rust
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Library for VirusTotal API

Implemented Features

Resource Description Permission
GET /vtapi/v2/file/report Retrieve file scan reports public
POST /vtapi/v2/file/scan Upload and scan a file public
POST /vtapi/v2/file/rescan Rescanning already submitted files public
GET /vtapi/v2/url/report Retrieve URL scan reports public
POST /vtapi/v2/url/scan Scan an URL public
POST /vtapi/v2/comments/put Make comments on files and URLs public
GET /vtapi/v2/domain/report Retrieves a domain report public
GET /vtapi/v2/ip-address/report Retrieve an IP address report public


extern crate virustotal;

use virustotal::*;

fn main() {

    let api = "Your API KEY";
    let url = "The URL you want to check";
    let res = url::scan(api, url);
    println!("{:?}", url::report(api, &res.scan_id.unwrap()));