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repository namespaces in OBS

Jürgen Weigert edited this page Jul 14, 2017 · 9 revisions


  • isv:ownCloud:desktop -> any released version

  • isv:ownCloud:community:testing -> any beta/rc version, before it is released in isv:ownCloud:desktop

  • isv:ownCloud:community:nightly -> head of github master branch

  • isv:ownCloud:desktop:client-2.3.0

  • isv:ownCloud:desktop:client-2.2.4 -> selected frozen projects copies for testing updates

  • isv:ownCloud:testpilot

  • isv:ownCloud:testpilot:nightly

  • isv:ownCloud:testpilot:testing

Suggestion JW 2017-07-11

Each of the following projects hosts both, owncloud-client and testpilotcloud-client packages:

  • isv:ownCloud:desktop:2.3 -> maintenance branch for 2.3.x releases
  • isv:ownCloud:desktop:2.3:testing -> testing branch for maintenance 2.3.x (if needed)
  • isv:ownCloud:desktop:2.3:nightly -> head of 2.3 branch.

(if needed, 2.2 too for upgdate testing...? )

  • isv:ownCloud:desktop:2.4:nightly -> head of 2.4 branch (as soon as it exists)

  • isv:ownCloud:desktop:2.4:* -> same ... (as soon as exists)

  • isv:ownCloud:desktop:master:nightly -> head of master branch (or just isv:ownCloud:desktop:master)

  • isv:ownCloud:desktop:nightly -> rolling link to current released branch head (2.3 as of writing)

  • isv:ownCloud:desktop:testing -> rolling link to current testing (2.3 as of writing)

  • isv:ownCloud:desktop -> rolling link to current released branch (2.3 as of writing)

Suggestion @Samu_Alfageme 2017-07-12

Reduce the number of repositories. In the future maintaining versioned repos. (with X.Y.Z) would be awesome and huge step forward - but I believe maintaining "alias" (don't really know if openSUSE OBS allows alias per se) for the repos is also handy.

Repository Containing
isv:ownCloud:desktop:stable latest stable client released (currently 2.3.2)
isv:ownCloud:desktop:beta 2.3.3-betaX candidate to deliver to community for testing
isv:ownCloud:desktop:nightly current master branch (2.4/edge)

Suggestion jw 2017-07-14

A minimalistic change is probably what we need for releaseing 2.3.3 -- AFAIK we want to

  • keep exising names so that we don't introduce breaking changes.
  • provide nightlies for both the current release branch and master.
Repository Containing
isv:ownCloud:desktop latest stable client released (currently 2.3.2)
isv:ownCloud:desktop:testing 2.3.3-betaX candidate to deliver to community for testing
isv:ownCloud:desktop:testing current release branch (2.3/HEAD)
isv:ownCloud:desktop:edge current master branch (2.4/edge)

This suggestion is meant as a preliminary solution for providing all needed nightlies. It is implemented by the current build scripts in and in sync with the documentation at WIP.

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