File list wrongly sorted when inserting new elements when hidden elements present #25309

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  1. Create a folder ".hidden"
  2. Create a folder "def"
  3. Refresh the page, the folder ".hidden" must disappear
  4. Create a folder "abc"

Expected result

Order is: "abc", "def"


Order is: "def", "abc" until refresh.



The problem is that the code that inserts new elements into the list calculates the insertion index. That routine seems to not properly cope with hidden elements.

CC @ChristophWurst

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Now looking at the hidden files implementation, it seems to do a lot of gymnastics.
Maybe it would have been simpler to always render the rows, but set a special class on it for hidden files.
Then in nextPage, continue rendering until enough visible (non-hidden) elements are appended.

Then toggling between showing hidden files and not hidden files would just be a matter of toggling a CSS class on the table element.


Anyway, in the future I'd like to look into making the FileList use the Backbone approach, which would need rewriting a lot of logic anyway.


It's even worse than I thought. In the past there was a one to one index mapping between "tr" elements and fileList.files but now we can't rely on this any more. This means that when a shifted file is deleted, the list reloads the page wrong.

Have four entries:

  • ".hidden" (hidden)
  • "abc"
  • "def"
  • "welcome.txt"

Delete "abc". But the index is shifted, so it deletes another one and nextPage suddenly renders "welcome.txt" again.

@PVince81 PVince81 self-assigned this Aug 17, 2016

WIP PR here #25846


Fix is here #25856

@PVince81 PVince81 closed this in #25856 Aug 19, 2016
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