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at first: i tried to open a new pull request, but there was no button to create a new request item...

maybe i'm a bloody noob in your eyes and there is already a function inside OC which makes, what i want... (but i didn't find it?)

the "problem" is this: i have a lot of folders and files in my OC. if someone of my buddies needs a file (from SOMEWHERE inside of my folder infrastructure), i share this file/ folder via link, post my friend the link and close my OC...

so, after a day or two my buddy downloaded the file and the share can be removed. so, sometimes i forget, which files/ folders i shared and then i have to go into every single folder and have to mouseover every single file/ folder to see the currently shared files/ folders...

my amateurish solution for this prob, is to make a text-file were i put a list in. it looks like this:

  • foldera/folderxy/file1
  • folderz/folderx/folderf/file99
  • foldergg/filexy
  • folder99/folder1
  • and so on...

as you can see, in this list i note every shared file/ folder, to have an overview, which files/ folders currently are shared...

i wish, OC has an inbuild feature, which shows every single currently shared file/ folder and where i can quickly de-share them...

(sorry if there is already a solution present to my problem, but i didn't find it till now...)

hello ownClouders,

just wanna ask, what do you guys think about my request?

can someone give me a feedback... is this coming..? or not? or is something like my request already included in OC and i haven't found it yet..?

i'm tired to list my shared files and folders day by day... :(


karlitschek commented Dec 19, 2012

Hi @abstractmodel This request makes a lot of sense and I hope that someone will implement it soon. No ETA at the moment.

ok... thanks for your response! :)


jancborchardt commented Dec 21, 2012

Hey @abstractmodel, there’s an existing issue for that: #311 (shared dirs listing). We would really like to have it in, but as always someone needs to do it. If you or your friends can code, please go ahead. :)

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