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Session Android

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Session integrates directly with Oxen Service Nodes, which are a set of distributed, decentralized and Sybil resistant nodes. Service Nodes act as servers which store messages offline, and a set of nodes which allow for onion routing functionality obfuscating users' IP addresses. For a full understanding of how Session works, read the Session Whitepaper.

Want to contribute? Found a bug or have a feature request?

Please search for any existing issues that describe your bugs in order to avoid duplicate submissions. Submissions can be made by making a pull request to our dev branch. If you don't know where to start contributing, try reading the Github issues page for ideas.

Build instructions

Build instructions can be found in


Want to help us translate Session into your language? You can do so at!

Verifying signatures

Step 1:

gpg --import KeeJef.asc

Step 2:

Get the signed hash for this release. SESSION_VERSION needs to be updated for the release you want to verify.

export SESSION_VERSION=1.10.4

Step 3:

Verify the signature of the hashes of the files.

gpg --verify signatures.asc 2>&1 |grep "Good signature from"

The command above should print "Good signature from "Kee Jefferys...". If it does, the hashes are valid but we still have to make the sure the signed hashes matches the downloaded files.

Step 4:

Make sure the two commands below returns the same hash. If they do, files are valid.

sha256sum session-$SESSION_VERSION-universal.apk
grep universal.apk signatures.asc


Copyright 2011 Whisper Systems

Copyright 2013-2017 Open Whisper Systems

Copyright 2019-2021 The Oxen Project

Licensed under the GPLv3:





  • Kotlin 49.1%
  • Java 48.9%
  • C++ 1.7%
  • Shell 0.1%
  • Groovy 0.1%
  • Jsonnet 0.1%