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-This repository is an out of the box development environment for [Gephi]( plugins. It contains the latest stable version of Gephi modules so you can run a development version of Gephi in seconds. Checkout the [Bootcamp]( for examples of the different type of plugins you can create.
+This repository contains a gephi plugin, SigmaExporter, to export a network from Gephi to a Sigma.js template. This allows the network to be explored interactively, searched, etc.
-Branches contains Gephi Plugins supported by the core team:
+This repository has code to export a network in json format (data.json), display a dialog window to gather settings and write these to config.json. It then places these two files (data.json and config.json) into an existing template held as a zip file in this project. That template/zip file comes the network directory in the following repository
+If anyone wishes to contribute changes to the HTML/JavaScript, please branch that repository.
-- [Neo4j Graph Database Support](
-- [Graph streaming](
-- [GeoLayout](
-- Python Scripting (In Development)
+This project was started by [Scott A. Hale]( and [Joshua Melville]( at the [Oxford Internet Institute](, University of Oxford. Further background information on the project is available on [the project blog](
-## Get started
-Follow the steps to get the right development environment for developing Gephi plug-ins.
-- Download and install the latest version of [Netbeans IDE](
-- Fork and checkout the latest version of this repository:
- git clone
-- Start Netbeans and Open Project. This folder is automatically recognized as a module suite.
-- Right click on the project and select 'Run'. This starts Gephi.
-You can also run Gephi from the command-line using the 'ant run' command.
-## Create a plugin
-### Create a new module
-- In Netbeans, expand the '''Gephi Plugins''' project and right-click on Modules. Select '''Add New...'''
-- Enter the plugin name: '''MyFirstPlugin''' and click '''Next'''.
-- In the next panel, enter a unique codebase name, for instance '''org.myname.myfirstplugin''' and click '''Finish'''.
-- In the Netbeans Project tree, you should see now your module '''MyFirstPlugin'''. Expand it to find its Source Package. Here you will place your code.
-### Brand your plugin
-- Right-click on your plugin project '''MyFirstPlugin''' and select '''Properties'''.
-- Select '''Display''' on the left panel and fill '''Display Category''', '''Short Description''' and '''Long Description'''.
-- Select '''Packaging''' on the left panel and fill '''License''', '''Homepage''' (if exists) and '''Author''' information.
-- Click on OK to validate changes.
-### Distribute your plugin ###
-When you successfully tested your plugin, it's time to create a release. Verify that you have latest updates of Gephi JARs:
-- Pull latest changes:
- git checkout master
- git pull
- git checkout mybranch
-- Test your plugin again in case of an update. If it's okay:
-- Right-click on the project and select '''Package As''' and then '''NMBs'''.
-- Go to the '''build''' folder and find the created '''''' file. Individual NBM files (one per each module) are packaged in this zip.
-Now you can publish you plugin on the [**Gephi Plugin portal**](
-## Plugins Portal
-Our [**wiki**]( contains a good list of tutorials to code plugins. Also checkout the [Bootcamp]( for real examples.
+The plugin is listed in [the Gephi marketplace here]( There is also a plugin to simply export a network into JSON format also contained within this repository and [listed separately in the Gephi marketplace](
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
Manifest-Version: 1.0
OpenIDE-Module-Localizing-Bundle: uk/ac/ox/oii/sigmaexporter/
-OpenIDE-Module-Specification-Version: 1.1
+OpenIDE-Module-Specification-Version: 1.1.1
@@ -4,3 +4,5 @@ license.file=../gpl-3.0.txt
nbm.homepage= A. Hale, Oxford Internet Institute

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