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PDF plugin which allows you to define landscape pages for a certain chapter
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Classic PDF Plugin which allows certin chapters to be rendered with landscape orientation

PDF customization folder which allows you to define landscape orientation for a certain chapter. Based on the samples provided by Mona Ross from Ellucian, samples based on examples in the DITA For Print book. This is a customization folder so you need to set the DITA OT parameter "customization.dir" to point to the "Customization" folder contained in this project.

For example if your DITA Bookmap has a reference to a chapter:

        <chapter href="topics/installing.dita">....

and inside the "installing.dita" you have an 'outputclass='landscape'' attribute set on the root element, the output PDF will show this topic with landscape orientation.

Stefan Eike, owner of the Doctales organization forked and added an upgrade to the plugin in order to also support multi-column layout for a chapter:

Copyright and License

Copyright 2018 Syncro Soft SRL.

This project is licensed under Apache License 2.0

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