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50 lines of Perl to play around with Dancer and KiokuDB
Perl CSS
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First version "user-aware"

  * scaffold the application with Dancer 0.9906 helper so we have pretty errors
    and configuration.
  * add session: yaml in config.yml
  * /login et /logout actions
  * add a dumb TinyWiki::User model that should in the future
    authenticate a user for real.
  * Split into et
latest commit 7f2f62f08a
Alexis Sukrieh authored committed

TinyWiki: a tiny wiki

TinyWiki is an quick experimentation on mixing two cool Perl modules:

  • KiokuDB
  • Dancer

It's a ridiculously lame wiki built in ~50 lines of clean (hopefully) Perl code. I hope you like them.

-- Arnaud.


Well, you need Dancer, and KiokuDB obviously. At some point, you may have to type these lines :

$ cpan install Dancer
$ cpan install KiokuDB
$ cpan install KiokuDB::Backend::BDB
$ cpan install Text::Markdown


Just launch

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