This third-party Synology Package simplifies the process of running oznu/docker-homebridge on DSM 6.1.3 or later.
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Synology Package for Homebridge Docker

This third-party Synology Package simplifies the process of running Homebridge on devices that support Docker and are running DSM 6.1.3 or later.

This package will deploy the oznu/homebridge image using the recommended settings:

  • --net=host is set automatically.
  • -e TZ variable is set based on your current timezone of your Synology NAS.
  • -e PUID variable is set to the same UID as the user who installs the package in DSM.
  • -e PGID variable is set to the same GID as the user who installs the package in DSM.
  • -v /homebridge is setup automatically using the directory chosen by you during installation.

How to install

Step 1: Download the latest .spk from here:

Step 2: Open Package Center in DSM and select the Manual Install option.

Step 3: Click Yes when warned about using a package from an unknown publisher.

Step 4: Enter the path where you want Homebridge to store it's config.

Step 5: Complete the wizard. The first time you install may take some time as the latest oznu/homebridge image is downloaded from Docker Hub.

Step 6: Use the Homebridge app icon in the main menu to access the Homebridge UI where you can manage your setup.


The Homebridge Config UI app starts on port 8581. The default username is admin with password admin.

Updating Homebridge

Homebridge can be updated from inside the Config UI. From time to time you may need to upgrade the oznu/homebridge image which can be done by stopping and starting the package in the Synology DSM Package Center.

Adding Additional Packages

Some plugins may require additional packages to be installed which can be done by editing the script.

The file will be created in the volume you choose during the setup wizard. The Homebridge UI does not provide a way to edit this file so you'll need to do this using DSM or your own computer's editor.

Example file to install ffmpeg:


apk add --no-cache ffmpeg ffmpeg-libs

Example file to install libpcap-dev:


apk add --no-cache libpcap-dev

To apply the changes made to the file you need to restart the entire container using the Docker app in DSM.


If you have an issue with the installation of Homebridge using this package please raise an issue on this project's GitHub page. For everything else:

Some users have reported not being able to get Homebridge to work at all on their Synology NAS while Bonjour is activated, see this issue for more details.


Pull requests are welcome.

Setting up for development

See the Synology DSM 6.0 Developer Guide.