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RSA [Release Status Analyser]


Jenkins xfpanel plugin Reloaded

A one click solution for ALL [ QA engineer, DevOps, CTO ] based on jenkins/xfpanel A comprehensive dashboard for feedback of all tests triggered for a build with lot more benefits, originally built for serving test feedback needs @

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  • Nice layout of test jobs feedback [ Any one can understand and infer the release status in a glance ]
  • Release info which broke the test [ DevOps Engineer love it]
  • Quick links to visit detail report of each build [ Full fledged customised report which shows details about all tests, their data & reason for failure]
  • Quick link to visit screenshots of the failed tests [ Dev Engineer love it ]
  • Quick link to visit console for debugging the cause [ Test Engineer need it] And yes off-course, it helps a lot to check test status on all your mobile app versions in one shot, so no more surprises after production !

Get Started

To add this plugin to your internal jenkins

  1. Use plugin

    • Download directly and upload/deploy plugin file in your jenkins server
    • Or build your own from source Fork RSA
  2. Add 2 keys in build parameters of your test jobs

    • env
    • tagtotest

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Fork the project, make a change, and send a pull request!

Credits & Inspiration