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Github Profile Summary (gps) is a small command-line tool to get an overview of a Github user's activity

Inspired by this cool repo, it's a shorter version that does not require you to browse on the internet.


~$ python gps.py 
usage: python3 gps.py username

~$ python gps.py a_non_existing_user
Cannot find this profile

~$ python gps.py pBouillon
Profile's name: pBouillon

User Pierre Bouillon (pBouillon):
    | Developer, student and tech enthusiast.
    | Registered since 2016-10-05
    | 30 public repositories

Repositories summary:
    | x17 repos written in :
    |   * Python
    | x4 repos written in :
    |   * Java
    | x3 repos written in :
    |   * Unknown
    | x2 repos written in :
    |   * JavaScript
    | x1 repo written in :
    |   * C
    |   * C++
    |   * CSS
    |   * HTML

You can also get only specify part of the user's infos

g = Getter()
g.get_remaining_requests() # check how many requests you can perform

g.gps_for ('user')
g.formated_res()        # returns all infos in a human readable str
g.get_profile_summary() # get infos on the user as a dict
g.get_language_count()  # get repos per language in a collections.Counter


  • better handling for None values (Bio, Repos, Real Name, etc.)
  • better handling on API limit reach
  • show sum of all repos
  • better display for repo per language
  • languages sorted by alphabetical order on display


PRs Welcome

Contributions are welcome !