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+layout: post
+category: http-varz
+title: "Authentication"
+In order to access to the /varz endpoints it is mandatory to use the
+[basic authentication scheme](
+The connection details (`host`, `port`, `username` and `password`) can be gathered:
+* Publishing a `` message
+* Using the static values specified at the `status` section of the `cloud_controller.yml` file
+For example, when publishing a `` message, the
+[cloud controller](/cloud-controller/subscribe-vcap-component-discover) will respond with:
+<div class="js example">
+{% highlight js %}
+{% include snippets/cloudcontroller-component-discover.json %}
+{% endhighlight %}
+Then you can use the `host` and `credentials` vars to issue a GET request:
+`GET http://{user}:{password}@{host}/varz`
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+layout: category
+title: /varz HTTP Endpoint
+category_home: http-varz
+The /varz http endpoint returns runtime metrics gathered by each component, allowing
+3rd party monitoring systems to collect and process them.

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