Using the HTML5 localstorage API to protect forms
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Author:      	 	Frank M. Taylor. 
References:   		My blog post:
Version History:	
v1.0	::	Forminator published. basic functionality for local storage protection on all form inputs
v2.0	::  Forminator turned into a jQuery plugin:
			Accepts three arguments: fields to protect, attribute to use as a key, clear button
			Only stores data for the form for which you apply the method
			changed storage key to be  [form id]-[name attr]
			added some notes at the top of the plugin
v2.1    ::  StoredFields argument works now, so you can add whatever selectors you want. Range field is fixed and 					capturing data

Usage:       Just download form_protector.js and set $(yourform).forminator() for the default actions

Upcoming: going to set in some default properties that cover all of the inputs