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Pact Foundation

The cross-language distributed contract testing framework.

Pact - Integration testing done properly

Fast, easy and reliable testing for integrating web apps, APIs and microservices

Say goodbye to end-to-end testing

Testing microservices shouldn't involve setting up complex end-to-end test environments, creating lengthy integration suites and managing test data. Stop wasting time, and start releasing.

Find bugs in dev

dev Prevent integration issues before you commit, instead of in production or during integration test Prevent integration issues before you commit, instead of in production or during integration test

Deploy faster, safer & more often

dev Pact provides a guarantee that systems are compatible, so you can deploy your microservices and web apps independently and safely

Remove complex end-to-end environments

dev Reduce (or removing entirely) the need for complex, costly and hard-to-manage integration test environments

Stop relying on unreliable test data

dev Finding and managing test data is a key pain point for engineering teams - with Pact, you can significantly reduce your reliance on flakey test data

Say goodbye to painful release processes

wave With Pact and the Pact Broker, you can orchestrate complex CI and CD pipelines and use can-i-deploy to tell you when a component is safe to release

Collaborate with the Pact Broker

Collaborate Integrate into your CI/CD pipelines, manage and promote contracts with the Pact Broker

Work offline with API stubs

Work Pact's API stubs are guaranteed to represent behaviour of the real system, so you can test with confidence

Create bulletproof pipelines

Create Pact CLI tools + Pact Broker = powerful automation capabilities




  1. devrel Public

    Developer Relations @ Pact - Your map to the Pact landscape for all-comers (maintainers, contributors, users, newbies)

    35 5

  2. Describes the pact format and verification specifications

    261 26

  3. pact-js Public

    JS version of Pact. Pact is a contract testing framework for HTTP APIs and non-HTTP asynchronous messaging systems.

    TypeScript 1.3k 305

  4. Provides a mock service for use with Pact

    Ruby 65 60

  5. pact_broker Public

    Enables your consumer driven contracts workflow

    Ruby 637 163