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Using pact where the consumer team is different from the provider team

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  • Pact is "consumer driven contracts", not "dictator driven contracts". Just because it's called "consumer driven" doesn't mean that the team writing the consumer gets to write a pact and throw it at the provider team without talking about it. The pact should be the starting point of a collaborative effort.
  • The way Pact works, it's the pact verification task (in the provider codebase) that fails when a consumer expects things that are different from what a provider responds with, even if the consumer itself is "wrong". This is a little unfortunate, but it's the nature of the beast.
  • Running the pact verification task in a separate CI build from the rest of the tests for the provider is a good idea - if you have it in the same build, someone is going to get cranky about another team being able to break their build.
  • It's very important for the consumer team to know when pact verification fails, because it means they cannot deploy the consumer. If the consumer team is using a different CI instance from the provider team, consider how you might communicate to the consumer team when pact verification has failed. You should do one of the following:
  • Configure the pact verification build to send an email to the consumer team when the build fails.
  • Even better, if you can, have a copy of the provider build run on the consumer CI that just runs the unit tests and pact verification. That way the consumer team has the same red build that the provider team has, and it gives them a vested interest in keeping it green.
  • Verify a pact by using a URL that you know the latest pact will be made available at. Do not rely on manual intervention (eg. someone copying a file across to the provider project) because this process will inevitably break down, and your verification task will give you a false positive. Do not try to "protect" your build from being broken by instigating a manual pact update process. pact:verify is the canary of your integration - manual updates would be like giving your canary a gas mask.

How to develop new functionality while keeping all the builds green

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