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A PHP/HTML/JS Framework to build landing pages. This library does not work on it's own - it needs some help from outside.


  • You need to provide db_query() which replaces {...} with PREFIX... and executes the statement

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome
  • Firefox 4.0+
  • Safari
  • IE9+


  • Whatever you want to do, require grid.php and instantiate a new grid_library object.
  • The grid_library object will provide you with everything you need to.


  • getFrontendCSS($absolute) returns the default frontend css path in either absolute or relative paths (relative means relative to grid.php)
  • getEditorJS($language,$absolute) returns an array of js paths to include for the editor to work correctly.
  • getEditorCSS($rtl,$absolute) returns an array of css paths to include for the editor to work correctly.
  • getCKEditorConfig($styles,$formats) returns the rendered js to be provided for the editor in order to configure CKEditor correctly.
  • getEditorHTML(...) returns the HTML for the editor to work properly.
  • getDatabaseSchema() returns the drupal-7-conform scheme of tables needed by grid.
  • install() performs the needed transformations on the tables based on the schema to set everything up.
  • uninstall() undos the transformations install() did.
  • getStyleEditor() returns the editor class for styles.
  • getReuseContainerEditor() returns the editor class for reusable containers.
  • getReuseBoxEditor() returns the editor class for reusable boxes.
  • update() performs needed database updates.


Grid is hookable at several points.


  • will_render_grid fires before grid is rendered. Is first rendering hook.
  • did_render_grid fires after grid was fully rendered. Is last rendering hook.
  • will_render_container fires before a container is rendered but after will_render_grid
  • did_render_container fires after a container was fully rendered but before did_render_grid
  • will_render_slot fires before a slot is rendered but after will_render_container
  • did_render_slot fires after slot was fully rendered but before did_render_container
  • will_render_box fires before a box is rendered but after will_render_slot
  • did_render_box fires after box was fully rendered but before did_render_slot

Data manipulation

  • createGrid fires when new grid was created
  • publishGrid fires when grid revision changes state from draft to publish
  • cloneGrid fires when grid was cloned to new grid
  • *destroyGrid fires before grid will be deleted
  • save_container fires before container stats are persisted
  • delete_container
  • save_slot fires before slot stats are persisted and if box is added to or removed from slot.
  • save_box fires before new data is persisted
  • delete_box fires before box is deleted


GPL v3 - see license.txt


Currently there is only a German documentation available. It includes both documentations for users and developers.


A PHP Class (and a Wordpress Plugin and a Drupal Module) for composing Boxes in a Grid within Pages.




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