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Simple cookiecutter template to be up and running quickly with your Django CMS project!
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Django CMS with Cookiecutter

A Cookiecutter template for django-cms to deliver your website with a strong Django backend.



  • Simple Bootstrap 3 templates ready to use
  • django compressor included
  • Heroku deployment (with Amazon S3 for statics)

Installation and usage

If you want to create a personal website using Django CMS but you don't want to create or edit (again) your configuration files, you can use Cookiecutter to do all the work.

First, get cookiecutter:

$ pip install cookiecutter

Now run it against this repo:

$ cookiecutter

You'll be prompted for some questions (included Heroku deployment settings). After project generation, you'll find a README.rst in which you'll find all information to sync your database with fake migrations. Before your first commit remember to change (if required) the LICENSE file.

Now you are ready to use Django CMS!

Basic configurations

This template is based on official getting started guide. You have already configured many Django CMS plugins which you can enable/disable inside django_cms/settings/ with INSTALLED_APPS setting. There you can also add more languages (LANGUAGES) and templates (CMS_TEMPLATES).

More configurations

Check official documentation.

Other Django CMS bootstrap tools


  • Webfaction deploy (with nginx frontend to serve statics)
  • More bootstrap templates (single page scroller, etc...)


  • Update docs


  • @pydanny and @audreyr for all their advices in "Two scoops of Django" book
  • All Divio team for this great CMS
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