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Python Lab

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Python exercises taken from Google's Python Class, used by me for teaching a workshop of Python. It was originally intended only for the students at the ROSEdu Community and Development Lab in 2014, but I've used it at more events since then.

Slides that help me not forget what to show to the students.

LightTable is the recommended IDE for the course.

Use PythonTutor to visualize the algorithm you have written.


The course takes two hours. The plan is:

  • first present Python specific stuff from the first slide
  • make a demo in the terminal and tell them about variables
  • code the first function (they should code along)
  • explain in the terminal strings (everything should have taken ~30 mins)
  • leave them ~20 mins for and another ~10 mins for
  • explain lists (~10 mins)
  • takes around 10 mins and another 10 mins
  • show dicts and reading from files (~10 mins)
  • give them to implement if you have time, or give it as homework (~30 mins)


  • how to get the list of Facebook friends using the FacebookSDK (~15 mins)
  • show them requests and beautifulsoup using the CDL submissions scraper as an example (~10 mins)
  • maybe show them OOP at the end and give them the Codecademy OOP exercises


Code written by me