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Named both for the NASA Dawn mission and that it turned up when I did a thesaurus search for Countdown. It's a replacement for the previously excellent TfL Countdown site, which they recently got rid of. I was annoyed by this, until they turned out to have done a lot of work to their API recently, so I could fix this.

Live version


Local Setup

  1. Install Rust
  2. cargo run
  3. Goto http://localhost:8000

Heroku Setup

  1. Make new Heroku app
  2. heroku git:remote --app dawn-stops (replacing "dawn-stops" with the name of your app)
  3. heroku buildpacks:set https://github.com/Hoverbear/heroku-buildpack-rust.git
  4. heroku config:set RUST_VERSION=1.21.0 TZ="Europe/London" RUST_BACKTRACE=1
  5. git push heroku master