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Adds SQLAlchemy support to Flask
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                          // Flask-SQLAlchemy //

    ~ What is Flask-SQLAlchemy?

      Flask-SQLAlchemy is a Flask microframework extension which adds
      support for the SQLAlchemy SQL toolkit/ORM.

    ~ What's the latest version?

      2.3 is the most recent stable version.

    ~ What do I need?

      SQLAlchemy, and Flask 0.10 or later. `pip` or `easy_install` will
      install them for you if you do `pip install Flask-SQLAlchemy`.
      We encourage you to use a virtualenv. Check the docs for complete
      installation and usage instructions.

    ~ Where are the docs?

      Go to for a prebuilt version
      of the current documentation.  Otherwise build them yourself
      from the sphinx sources in the docs folder.

    ~ Where are the tests?

      Good that you're asking. To run the tests use `pytest`:

        $ pytest

      In case you have `tox` installed, you can also run that to have
      virtualenvs created automatically and tests run inside of them
      at your convenience. Running just `tox` is enough:

        $ tox

    ~ Where can I get help?

      Join us on the #pocoo IRC channel on
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