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AOP framework for .NET (c#, vb, etc)
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Aspect Injector

Aspect Injector is an attribute-based framework for creating and injecting aspects into your .net assemblies.

Project Status

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> dotnet add package AspectInjector


  • Compile-time injection
  • Injecting Before, After and Around targets
  • Injecting into Methods, Properties, Events
  • Injecting Interface implementaions
  • Supports any project that can reference netstandard2.0 libraries
  • Debugging support
  • Roslyn analyzers for your convenience (only c# currently)

Check out samples and docs


  • .NetCore runtime 2.1.6+

Known Issues / Limitations

  • If you use Visual Studio earlier than 2019 you'll need to reference AspectInjector in every project when you want your injections to work. Since VS2019 it is fixed. On your build environments it is enough to use at least .NetCoreSDK 2.1.602 and dotnet build command.
  • Unsafe methods are not supported and are silently ignored.
  • You cannot inject code around constructors. Such attempts are silently ignored. You can since 2.2.1!


Create aspect:

class LogCall : Attribute
    public void LogEnter([Argument(Source.Name)] string name)
        Console.WriteLine($"Calling {name}");   //you can debug it	

Use it:

public void Calculate() { }
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