read_csv parse_dates bug #1544

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@changhiskhan changhiskhan pushed a commit that referenced this issue Jun 28, 2012

Chang She BUG: parser bug when parse_dates is string #1544 b8df975

wesm closed this Jun 28, 2012

@yarikoptic yarikoptic added a commit to neurodebian/pandas that referenced this issue Jun 30, 2012

@yarikoptic yarikoptic Merge tag 'v0.8.0' into debian -- release -- yeay!
Version 0.8.0

* tag 'v0.8.0': (21 commits)
  RLS: version 0.8.0
  DOC: release notes
  BUG: _get_marker_compat insufficient on matplotlib < 1.1.0
  BUG: don't use local() in read_* functions, breaks sys.settrace. close #1547
  BUG: fix Panel slice setting issue and matplotlib import issues #1548, #1533
  ENH: parsers don't use tempfile
  ENH: implement DataFrameGroupBy.boxplot(), close #1507
  BUG: fix MultiIndex indexing issues in #1537, python 2.5 api fix
  BUG: fix incorrect bin labels from cut when labels=False and NA present. close #1511
  ENH: support file-like objects in ExcelFile, close #1529
  TST: skip test raising unsortable warning on 32-bit windows, other platforms. #1546
  BUG: raise exceptions out of trying to parse iso8601 strings
  TST: separated test case
  BUG: custom colors for bar chart #1540
  ENH: add 'time' as inferred_type
  ENH: datetime.time converters for plotting
  BUG: fix MultiIndex segfault due to internal refactoring. close #1532
  BUG: fix MultiIndex compatibility bugs described in #1534 post gutting internal array close #1534
  BUG: parser bug when parse_dates is string #1544
  BUG: return nameless Series and index from from_csv
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