E1X (super) with lulz bed and 10mm smooth rods
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E1X (super) with lulz bed and 10mm smooth rods

First off, thank you Tjb1 for creating the E1X and for LoH's contributions such as making the required modifications to allow for the Lulzbot 300x300mm heated bed and also for the upgraded 10mm smooth rod designs.

I have made a few modifications that I needed to allow for the lulzbot heated bed build to work on 10mm smooth rods(I was the first one to actually do this upgrade, I ran int oa few snags..). The first one I ran into was the Y smooth rod holders seemed to be roughly 2mm shy in the Y axis direction and I could not get the smooth rod to mount properly so I lengthened those, worked perfectly for me. Second, The added height from the 10mm smooth rods required a larger Y belt gripper, so I made a padded version that adds 5mm to it so the belt runs smoothly.

I am selling kits of the sE1X on the Mobious website and will also be selling Crunch filament, along with MKS Sbase v1.2 smoothie-compatible control boards.

If your interested please visit http://mobious.org for more information.

(2016-03-18)UPDATE: 1: Now featuring the Open X and the Open Y carriage designs that utilize 605zz bearings at 45 degree angles around a 10mm smooth rod for the smoothest ride imaginable!@ 2: DUAL EXTRUDER VERSION NOW AVAILABLE!

I have made a new BoM for the sE1X broke down into 3 sections: Hardware - Printed Parts - Fasteners. I will have links below.

Hardware and total costs: https://goo.gl/y2NCM3

Printed Parts: https://goo.gl/c972AP

Fasteners: https://goo.gl/F7yG47