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Cumulative updates since March 2017:

Update 7/13/2017

Add Wi-Fi module examples and library. The examples are located in:
The library is located in:
.../Documents/SimpleIDE/Learn/Simple Libraries/Network/libwifi/
Add S3 library. The library is located in:
.../Documents/SimpleIDE/Learn/Simple Libraries/Robotics/S3/libs3/
Add fingerprint scanner examples and library. The examples are located in:
.../Documents/SimpleIDE/Learn/Examples/Devices/Sensor/Fingerprint Scanner/
The library is located in:
.../Documents/SimpleIDE/Learn/Simple Libraries/Sensor/libfingerprint/
Update box function in badgetools for better performance in oOED display.
Remove some duplicate files.
Update 6/12/2017

Prevent abdrive library control system from getting disoriented after a stall condition by preventing calculated distance from getting too far ahead of actual distance.
New abdrive library function drive_setErrorLimit(int maxDistDiffTicks) for configuring how far ahead of the measured distance the calculated distance is allowed to get. The twitch response after a stall is released gets smaller with smaller values, but the acceleration may also get dampened. For now, the default is 10 ticks. Opinions on values for best performance would be appreciated.
Remove ActivityBot example programs that demonstrate setting trim, which is no longer supported by the abdrive library.
Update 6/2/2017

Increase max pause function value from 26,843 ms to 2,147,483,648 ms.
Add keypad_getNumber and keypad_getNumberEndKey functions to keypad library.
Modify, expand, and move Matrix Keypad folder example programs to ...Learn/Examples/Devices/Interface.
Update 6/1/2017

Add /Interface/libkeypad to Simple Libraries.
Add Matrix Keypad folder with example programs to ...Learn/Examples/Devices/.
Update 5/15/2017

Update drive_calibrationResults to allow calibration success down to about 7 V, and correct crossed cables reported as missing signal(s).
Prevent switch from drive_speed to drive_goto from making certain pivot maneuvers fail to detect that they are done.
Udpate and cross link documentation htmls in the learn folder. This does not apply to subdirectories.
Update 4/14/2017

A function named drive_calibrationResults was added to the ActivityBot abdrive library. This function can be called to determine if a calibration was successful, or if there was a mistake in the encoder/servo/power circuits.
Update 4/11/2017
Update abdrive library to 0.9.82:

Move most control logic into the control system cog.
Arc support with drive_goto(left, right), where left != right.
Background target calculation for better acceleration/deceleration.
drive_acceleration(forGotoOrSpeed, ticksPerSecondSquared).
drive_ramp can be interrupted with a new direction.
drive_goto can be interrupted after calling drive_gotoMode(0).
drive_gotoStatus added for monitoring when a maneuver is finished.
All acceleration (a.k.a. ramping) is done in the background.
Sampling rate increased from 400 to 800 Hz.
Default speed for drive_goto set to 64 ticks per second with a default acceleration of 200 ticks per second.
Default speed limit for drive_speed is 128 ticks per second, with a default acceleration of 600 ticks/second squared.
Trim support was removed.

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Numerous updates to existing libraries.
Add fingerprint scanner library.