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Community created example Parallella projects.

actors_idct2d Actor based 2D inverse DCT YES
aobench Ambient occlusion renderer YES
blobluska Real-time ray tracing visual music generator [1]
dac-wavegen Sine/sawtooth waveform generator using I2C DAC [2]
digital-pot LED fader using 8-bit digital potentiometer [2]
ebsp-hello "Hello world!" example using Epiphany BSP YES
epython Write Python code to run on the Epiphany YES
mpi-fft2d Threaded MPI to implement a 2D FFT for Epiphany [3]
eprime Testing for prime numbers using Epiphany YES
eprime2 Testing for prime numbers using Epiphany YES
fft-xcorr 2D image correlator demo [3]
game-of-life Conway's game of life, each eCore is a cell YES
gdb-tutorial Epiphany multicore GDB debugging tutorial YES
heat_stencil 5-point star shaped heat equation stencil YES
john JohnTheRipper password cracker for Parallella YES
kinect_test Kinect demo that uses Epiphany
lena 2D FFT based filter running on Epiphany YES
mandelbrot Real time Mandelbrot zoomer
assembly-opt Assembly optimized matrix multiplication [4]
mini-nbody Nbody simulation [3]
motion-cap Motion capture camera project for Parallella [1]
nbody_mpi Nbody example using the Epiphany MPI [3]
omp4-epiphany OpenMP4.x examples where Epiphany is a device YES,[5]
para-para "hello world" apps in OpenMP, MPI and OpenCL YES,
paralle2 Pseudo Eternity II solver YES
pi-machin-like Approximation of π using machin-like formula YES
riecoin Riecoin miner
r-opencl R with OpenCL running on Parallella
rpi-camera Raspberry pi camera module bounty project
simulator-tutorial Epiphany multicore simulator tutorial YES
slides Creating slide decks from Markdown YES
vfft Very fast FFT for the Epiphany core YES
raymarch Raymarching OpenCL framework with examples YES

1: Need OH RX elink MMU remapping (or intermediate host buffer as workaround)
2: Requires special hardware
3: Requires COPRTHR MPI library compatible with ESDK 2016.3+
4: Requires Epiphany-IV
5: Except mandelbrot_omp, which requires 1


Contributions to this repository are welcomed.

To submit a project for inclusion:

  1. Fork this repository to your personal github account using the 'fork' button above
  2. Clone your 'parallella-examples' fork to a local computer using 'git clone'
  3. Create a new sub-directory at the root of the repo
  4. Add your project files with the appropriate license clearly stated
  5. Add a file (see the .skeleton directory for a template)
  6. Use git add-->git commit-->git push to add changes to your fork of 'parallella-examples'
  7. Submit a pull request by clicking the 'pull request' button on YOUR github 'parallella-examples' repo.


  • The project must build, run and serve as a useful example
  • Basic documentation must be included, e.g. dependencies, building and use
  • Only GPL (v2 or later), BSD, Apache, and MIT licensed code will be accepted


Community created parallella projects



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