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Parfaitement web

I create open-source resources and courses for the developer community, focusing on crafting Filament Packages and educational YouTube videos.

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  1. tailwind-mix-starter tailwind-mix-starter Public archive

    A static HTML starter template using TailwindCSS with Laravel Mix, PostCSS and PurgeCSS

    CSS 11 2

  2. wordpress-starter-theme wordpress-starter-theme Public archive

    This Wordpress starter theme is built with Modern PHP development practises in mind.

    PHP 8 2

  3. statamic-podcast-publisher statamic-podcast-publisher Public

    Statamic Addon for publishing your podcast

    PHP 2

  4. statamic-language-iso639-fieldtype statamic-language-iso639-fieldtype Public

    Statamic fieldtype to select a language (ISO 639) in a dropdown

    Vue 2 1

  5. statamic-country-fieldtype statamic-country-fieldtype Public

    Statamic Country dropdown with ISO 3166 options values

    Vue 1

  6. statamic-fast-seo statamic-fast-seo Public

    Statamic addon to implement SEO tags. Fast.

    PHP 1 3


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